2017 Favorites: Makeup

These will be part of a series I’d like to start on my blog. I want to do the monthly favorites and share with you guys products I’ve been enjoying lately and what can I recommend you. 

Mac’s Face and Body (N2)

I came back to this one. We are meant to be. It’s the perfect lightweight (water-based) foundation that makes your skin looks dewy and fresh. If you want a wet skin, runway type dewiness go with this one. 
Best applied with a brush and then tap lightly with a sponge. The sponge can soak up more product than usual because the foundation is water-based. 
Coverage: sheer to light. I’ll suggest going over with a concealer to cover any blemishes. 

Bobbi Brown’s Foundation Stick (Sand 2)

Back together again. I love it because it looks like skin and I can build it up and it will still look natural. If I pair this foundation with a moisturizing primer my skin looks naturally radiant. It does cover my redness, but those tough blemishes are better hidden with a concealer. 
Coverage: depends on the application. 

Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless Finish – Skin Perfecting Micro-Powder (2 Medium) 

I’ve never been a fan of powder because it has always accentuated my dry patches or has ruined the glow I’ve worked so hard on. But this powder…. oh my god… It’s undetectable, finely mild, and non-drying. It sets my makeup and it disappears into my skin. The hype is real, it’s a beautiful powder. Now, I’m actually not annoyed to apply powder. 
I wish they had more shades or at least a translucent one so everyone can wear it. Especially when I’m extremely fair and I’m shade No. 2 Medium. C’mon Charlotte!    


NARS’s Soft Matte Concealer (Vanilla Light 2)

I hit pan with this concealer–that’s how good it is. Don’t be thrown away with the “matte” in front of it, it’s the most creamy and natural looking concealer. Blends like a dream and has enough coverage for me to hide my redness around my cheeks and most of the time blemishes. 

MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer (NW20) 

This concealer it’s not super raved about in the beauty community, probably because it’s too old. I love it because of how emollient it is. It makes it look natural on my skin (I typically chose concealers that look like my skin or one shade lighter. I don’t highlight). Hides my dark circles and I love how quick it is to put it on and blend it with a brush instead of wetting my sponge when it comes to liquid concealers. I’m mostly in a hurry, that’s why I prefer to avoid liquid formulas when doing my makeup; it saves time. 


Fenty Beauty Match Stix (Amber)

I have always been scared of contour. Well not scared, respectful of it because it’s too easy to look heavy when you contour and you don’t know how to do it. My philosophy with makeup is: naturally pretty. I don’t mind looking like I’m wearing makeup because obviously my eyes are not naturally glittery nor are my lips glossy. But I do like to look like myself, but enhanced. 
This match stix was my perfect introduction to cream contouring. It blends easily, I look sharp and when you see my skin you don’t go “Jeez. Easy with the contouring” which is my worst makeup nightmare: unbelted makeup. 



Glossier Cloud Paint (Puff) – Get 10% off using my link! 

This gel formula of a blush is perfect when you want a natural flush to the cheeks. When you want even more natural and radiant makeup, go with cream formulas because they blend easily with the skin. 
I own three shades of this blush, but this one is my favorite it looks like how I naturally will blush after drinking wine. 
Obviously, it doesn’t look as concentrated on your face. This is only for swatch purposes. 


Colourpop Pressed Powder Blush (Pink: To the 10. Brown Nude: Barre Hopping)
I’m a big fan of how Colourpop achieves such great pay off with its makeup at an affordable price. These blushes are just $7 and they are creamy and rosy and I’m obsessed with their colors. 
I go for Barre Hopping for that nude blush when you don’t know how to pair your blush with the rest of your makeup. 


Glossier’s Haloscope (Moonstone) Get 10% off using my link! 

IF YOU WANT WET LOOKING SKIN, BUY THIS NOW. I will dare to say that is my favorite highlighter ever. It’s composed of real moonstone crystals and its center contains a balm which is what gives you the wet look. I get a lot of compliments on my skin every time I’m wearing this highlighter because it makes look fresh and dewy. 



NUDESTIX’s Intense Matte Lip + Cheek (Belle) 

The best matte formula on lipsticks I’ve tried so far. It’s comfortable, non-drying and has excellent lasting power. I’m always obsessing over my lipstick after eating to make sure I don’t look like a mess and every single time I wear this lipstick it’s still on (not perfectly outlined) but there. I can see my lipstick it hasn’t smudged nor transferred to my chin. 
I have the color Belle which to me it’s my perfect ‘your lips but better’ shade. 

Picture from NUDESTIX. My swatch wasn’t that good. 


NYX’s Tinted Brow Mascara (Espresso) 
A $7 brow gel that will make your eyebrows look bushy and with its tint, it helps you with any sparse area you might have. I love wearing brow gels because it’s faster than filling in with a pencil. 

Glossier’s Boy Brow (Clear) – Get 10% off using my link! 
I like to apply this after the NYX’s gel. It’s one of my all-time favorite brow products because it holds your brows in place and it gives them texture–making them look thicker. Boy Brow comes tinted as well, which is really good too, but I prefer the clear version because it’s less messy when I’m in a hurry. 



Colourpop super shock eyeshadow 

I could go on about how amazing these $5 pots are. SS = pigment + payoff + no fall out. 

My favorites this year where ‘Birthday Girl’ (light gold with silver and pink glitter. white pot), ‘Posey’ from My Little Pony collection (Soft pinky beige with silver, gold, and pink glitter) and ‘Revolution’ (silvery mauve with pink and silver glitter). These three shades are glittery, but a fine glitter when the shadows tend to look wet instead of chunky-blinding glitter. 
Take a shot every time you read the word ‘wet’. 

Stila’s Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow

Loose glitter in a liquid formula. That’s all I need to stay. Stunning pay off and extremely easy to apply because it comes with a doe foot applicator that lets you apply the shadow directly in your lids. 
Shades ‘Kitten Karma’, ‘Smoky Storm’, and ‘Diamond Dust’. 


Well, those were my 2017 makeup favorites. Let me know if you’d like more of this beauty related posts. Comment down below and let me know which products you loved in 2017.