A sustainable period.

Ladies, it’s ~period time~
Did you know it takes about 500 years for a pad to decompose? that’s because it’s made with microplastics *yikes*. The good thing is women-owned brands are coming up with more organic and sustainable solutions from period underwear, 100% cotton tampons, to menstrual cups.

The one I switched to (after I finished all my pads) was to the menstrual cup. Weird concept to adapt at first… Not going to lie, the logistics threw me off a bit but I got the hang of it the same day. No leaking, no discomfort, and can hold up to 12 hours worth of blood. You wash it after every use and when your period ends, you store it on the little cotton bag it comes with.

The next thing I want to try is period underwear! I’ll let you know when I get the hold of it. 🌷