Adam J. Kurtz Handwritten Life Advice

Adam J. Kurtz is one of the most “Instagrammable” illustrators I know. His handwritten quotes are perfect for your feed, not too cheesy and realistic enough. Just the motivation you need to seem like you are a “good vibes” person. 

He has written more than a couple of books and planners too  (if you count that as writing). His books covered with illustrated advice are catered, but not exclusive, to creative people. It’s the type of advice a good friend gives you: positive without the bullsh-t. 

I own his 2019’s ‘Unsolicited Advice’ planner and ‘Things Are What You Make of Them. Life Advice for Creatives’ book. 

‘Things Are What You Make Of Them. Life Advice for Creatives.’ 

This book it’s a joy to read. A small, colorful book filled with Kurtz’s handwritten advice. The book has chapters from how to start a project and how to manage your anxiety-driven goals. It’s a short book. You can read it when you need a pick-me-up or when you feel frustrated because the world is collapsing on your shoulders. 

 A good thing about the times we are living is how open people are about dealing with their stress, anxiety, and depression. Nowadays, there’s a wave of authors and/or creatives sharing how they deal with it. Life’s hard to manage and hearing successful people talk about how they’ve dealt with it gives you comfort. That’s what Kurtz does with this book–he gives you comfort by admitting everything sucks right now but it’ll be ok eventually. 

Kurtz talks about how to tackle your goals, how to survive in a field of creatives, to stop comparing yourself to others, believing in yourself and success’s tips. This book it’s not the typical self-help or make-yourself-rich book, it’s one where someone’s actually saying “Hey! It’s hard but you can do it.” That’s what I meant with it being “realistic,” Kurtz is not glamorizing being an entrepreneur or saying all you need are these “10 Steps To Success.” 

Look, we are all fearful and most of the time we stop challenging ourselves because we simply think it’s too impossible, it’s too hard or we’re not cut out for it. All of these feelings are real, but the only thing that will set your apart from is how determined you are in achieving your goal. Either you do it or you don’t, and living a what-if life it’s way harder than actually doing what you want.