Call Me By Your Name and Love, Simon

Call Me By Your Name

‘Call Me By Your Name’ is a book about Elio and Oliver, how they meet, and their love story. It’s narrated in the first person. 
Elio is the most neurotic character I’ve ever read. It was driving me insane the first time I picked the book. Now, that is over, I can understand where he’s coming from. You are reading exactly what’s going on inside Elio’s mind. To be honest, I’ve too over-think and overanalyzed every little action from my crushes. By driving myself crazy and trying to find answers: do they like me? or is it me? 

With Elio and Oliver is completely different. You start to suspect there’s a vibe between them before Elio says he’s over him and he probably hates him. So, it’s hard to tell. This entire book is reading someone’s mind and how he falls in love. 
It took me a while to finish it because of the way the book it’s written. I didn’t like the style of writing. It became too wordy sometimes, unnecessarily wordy. You don’t need to use pretentious writing in order to convey a story. Yes, I KNOW writers need to write in a certain way so they can evoke a feeling on you and work your imagination. I’ve read books before, and I’m not to keen on this author’s writing style. 
The movie… Oh, wow. Totally different experience. The movie is beautifully shot with an incredible cast. It’s extremely similar to the book, some missing details here and there (as movies do), and the big chapter when Elio and Oliver go to Rome is chopped down. It makes sense because this is an indie movie and they probably didn’t have the budget, but they were able to capture the essence of the trip. 
Armie Hammer is the perfect Oliver. Just like how I imagined it, but better. It’s less pretentious and more likable. Elio is way better too because I can’t read his mind, which makes him very quiet and observant. Elio is played by Timothee Chalamet, who I dare to say is the Leonardo DiCaprio of our generation. He’s so good. His presence on the screen is breathtaking. I can’t take my eyes of off him. The way he moves across the room, the way he kisses, how you can perceive his frustration through silent–he’s too good. 
What’s also great about the film is how beautiful the cinematography is. I want to go to Italy, stay in a house, read books, and enjoy summer with cultured people. I love how Elio was raised, among scholar parents, surrounded by books, and culture. The movie truly transported me. The book did too. 
It’s a beautiful love story. They fall in love and it’s normal. It’s not over the top or exaggerated. There’s no one reprimanding them because they’re gay, which is refreshing–you’re not anxious throughout the film. The story is about love and falling in love. It’s not about someone’s sexuality. It’s about your great first love.

Love, Simon

Simon vs. The Homosapiens Agenda is a great book for teenagers. They way it’s written, the tone of the book, it’s set in high school–it’s a perfect match.
The book is just adorable. It’s written in first person as well. The big difference is that Simon is not neurotic. I wasn’t annoyed by Simon while reading the book. I went through it easier than Call Me By Your Name. It’s also a LGBTQ+ story, but in this case it’s a coming out story. Simon, realizes it a long the way when he stars emailing a pen pal called ‘Blue’. It’s a love story, nonetheless. 
I’d say the movie is inspired by the book. It has the premise in common because the rest of the book’s chronology doesn’t match the movie. The movie took some liberties in a lot of areas, but the characters share the same essence.
Nick Robinson, plays Simona and he was great. I was just as anxious as he was throughout the whole movie. I’m glad the movie is out (no pun intended) because it shows people how hard is for people to come out, how stressful ev
erything becomes, especially when homophobia still exists. Movies like this help build empathy and tolerance. It can also help people who are coming out or are struggling to.
Another thing to point out about the movie, it’s a high school movie that’s not filled with clichés. Their conversations and their behaviors are realistic. No one is overly sexualized or stupid. That part was refreshing. 
Will I recommend these books? Yes. I enjoyed them both. ‘Call Me By Your Name’ just really stressed me out. If anybody could read my thoughts they would be stressed out too, so I’m not judging you Elio. I did a little bit, but not anymore. 
Go watch the movies. ‘Love, Simon’ is a heartwarming film and ‘Call Me By Your Name’ is a great coming of age film. I think it’s one of my favorite movies. 
Let me know in the comments if you’ve read the books or seen any of these movies, and your thoughts!