Glossier Review

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Glossier is a beauty brand created by Emily Weiss who is the founder and creator of IntoTheGloss, a beauty website filled with recommendations and my favorite interviews where they ask people their daily routines and they share their “Top Shelf”. 
Glossier’s main focus is skincare first, and makeup second. The makeup is supposed to be practical and natural looking. 
I have 85% of their products, so let’s start with the review… 

Emily Weiss


Priming Moisturizer

It makes a great canvas for makeup. Foundation and tinted moisturizers glide beautifully and my skin looks hydrated. It has helped me with my redness on my cheeks since it has anti-redness properties. 
The texture is light, slightly runny and sinks quickly onto the skin. I’m on my second tube, so that is a good sign since I like to change my skincare products around because it is really hard for me to be loyal to a product that works for me. 


Priming Moisturizer Rich

This moisturizer is f-ing amazing. Like the name entails it is very rich, thick and has a soft lavender scent. It doesn’t feel greasy on my skin at all. When you apply it, it feels like butter, but it sinks into your skin which is great. I usually apply it at night and my skin looks very plump the next day. 
Not a fan of applying it underneath my SPF (Elta MD) because I think the products crash with each other and starts balling up. I rather use the original priming moisturizer underneath my SPF or Embryolisse. 

Milky Jelly Cleanser 

I love how gentle it is on my skin and how it’s so easy to remove mascara since it’s safe for your eyes, having “cleaning agents you’d find in contact lens solution, so it’s tough on impurities and still safe to use on your eyes.” What I have noticed is that it doesn’t take off makeup completely with a single wash. Let me explain, if I’m wearing light makeup (concealer only) with one cleanse is enough, but if I’m wearing my regular routine with foundation included I’d have to go with a second wash in order to not stain my towel. 
It has a smooth texture, jelly indeed. It has like a crayola smell, very particular to Glossier, but a good one. 
It’s a great cleanser for the morning as well. 

Super Pure Serum 

It reduces redness and it helps with breakouts. The next day you’ll notice how smaller they are. It’s really good. It won’t erradicate your acne, but it does work for when you breakout every now and then. 
This one is my favorite from The Super Pack. 


Perfecting Skin Tint

It is not a foundation and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea either. It’s the sheerest foundation, well tint technically. It evens out your skin, leaves you dewy looking, but your imperfections still shine through. You need to go over with a concealer if you want to perfect something. 
At first, I was skeptical, I felt like it sat on top of my skin and that is not my exact color match. I’m the shade “light” and I still think I got the wrong color, if I were to buy it again I will go a shade darker. The color match doesn’t bother me that much because it’s sheer. 
It lasts a good 6 hours average in your face. I wouldn’t recommend to wear it if you want something long-lasting. This is good for every day when you need that extra something. And perfect for good skin days. You can build up the coverage, but it will still be sheer. 
I also like to use it to mix it with my foundations to make them more light and dewy. 

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Cloud Paint

I’m wearing the shade ‘Beam’ on the picture above. These are gel stain blushes. Easy to use and blend with your fingers, sponge or flat foundation brush. They last a little bit longer than your regular powder blushes since they are more stain-like. You need the tiniest amount, a drop of the product and it’s good enough for both cheeks. I own 2/4 shades
⚡️ Beam: peachy luminous color. Brightens up the face. 
⚡️Haze: berry-red color. Makes your cheeks look after-a-workout flushed. 
I’m so sold on the formula I want to try the other colors. Can’t wait for when glossier brings new shades. 

Boy Brow

This is the bes
t sh*t ever. 

Ok, no seriously. I have tried several brow gels and they were all too crunchy, or the color was off, or my eyebrows suddenly looked ashy. Instead, boy brow tints your brows, combs them, and adds some fiber to it so they look Cara Delevingne full. I own the tinted one in brown and the clear one. I love the clear one because it doesn’t fade away my brow makeup as other clear brow gels tend to do.      
Wearing boy brow in clear and haloscope in moonstone


If you want that editorial wet/glossy highlight this is the product for you. I have the shade in moonstone, made with actual moonstone crystals in the outer rim and in the center has a balm which is what makes you look like a glazed donut, but in a good way. It has a tacky texture and it gets dirty with foundation, but you just have to swipe it clean afterwards. 

Generation G lipstick

You know that stain a lipstick leaves behind on your lips that make you like more the stain it leaves rather than the lipstick’s actual shade? well, this is what this lipstick is. I’ve always tried to find something that imitated that stain and the search is over. Generation G is a sheer-matte lipstick that’s meant to recreate that stain. 


I own the shade jam because it reminds of the lip balm my sister used to wear so much when I was a kid, a dark berry stain that made her looked flushed. 

Balm dotcom

The balm dot com is the first balm that I have tried that is not gimmicky, like Chapstick or that EOS ball that I have to reapply time and time again because it never seems to cure my lips. Now, I have this and I don’t have to suffer the dread of cracked lips. 
The coconut one is sheer and I use it for my lips, my cuticles and occasionally my eyelids when I want the wet look. It does smell like coconuts, very pleasing. The cherry lip balm has a bubblegum smell with a sheer red tint.  

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack Mask

This mask is very purifying. I use it when my skin needs a detox. If I have breakouts this mask really helps me to heal them, because a day or two days later I’ll see how the pimple comes out completely, not that it disappears, but you can see the whitehead (disgusting I know). 
After you wash your skin it feels very soft as well. 

Moisturizing Moon Mask

This mask smells delicious. It has a jelly, bouncy consistency. You are supposed to use it after the Greens Galaxy Pack to return hydration to your skin. After washing my face I feel how my skin is plump, smooth, and hydrated. It has helped me with the occasional dry patches I get on my skin. 
I also found out a trick from a favorite Instagram account (sortofobssesed) that you can use the Moon Mask as an overnight mask. It really works. It didn’t clog my pores, and my sk
in in the morning looks radiant. If you are too bothered about the sticky feeling, don’t do it. 


Overall I am a big fan of Glossier as a brand, their values, and their aesthetic. Their packaging is so pleasing to the eye and their deliveries come with a pink pouch and stickers to decorate your products; Also, great customer service.  
A nice fun fact is that most of their models are actually clients or employees from the brand. *dreams of becoming one* 
Another fun fact: if you were a hardcore The Hills fan, Emily Weiss’s face may seem familiar to you because she was the intern! And now she’s a super cool entrepreneur.