good enough?

I’m in my twenties and I constantly feel like a failure who’s about to collapse and fall into oblivion. Millennials and Gen Z were born into the age of internet comparison. We’re bombarded with images of people who are ten times more “successful” than us and haven’t even graduated from high school. It makes me question where did I go wrong? Why haven’t I gone viral? And where’s my million dollar deal? Besides all of these, which is a frivolous comparison, I often feel inadequate, confused, and not really sure where am I going to go. If I was a cartoon, I would have a permanent thinking cloud with the question “Am I going to make it?” on top.

I probably project a very strong image of myself, but I’m often paralyzed by fear. I stare too long at the computer not knowing what to write. Thinking to myself is not good enough, it’s not perfect, something’s missing, and if it’s not the way I pictured it in my head–why bother? Running after perfection never got me anything done. Always chasing something in my head and I stopped creating. As one of my mentors said, “Is better done than perfect.” and it stuck with me.

Made up “standards,” perfection, and people’s opinions were my kryptonite. Being wrapped up about what others might say of me. What made me stop caring was the fact of how finite life is. I’ve lost so many precious people in my life and it’s a constant reminder that I’m better off trying to get something done than paying attention to people’s opinions. Better said than done, but still achievable.

How do I start feeling good enough? Well, it’s not as hard as you think. When you realize most people in life don’t know what they’re doing, they just go with life as it comes, it dawns on you that might as well try it. Some people are born with incredible talent and potential but decide not to act upon it due to fear. Other people aren’t born as talented but have achieved everything they wanted to because they trusted themselves. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It all boils down on how much faith you have in yourself.

Here I am taking a leap of faith, betting on myself, thinking I am good enough, and for the first time believing it.