How My Mom Taught Me Feminism Without Knowing

I always felt my mom was the black sheep of the family in a good way. She’s been breaking gender roles since she was a little kid. At age five my mom asked for war toys and trucks as Christmas presents, and was always at the park roller skating with the boys or literally getting into fights. She was pretty badass for her age and was never worried about being ‘girly’–she didn’t even worried about brushing her hair. And her 1st and only doll was a Barbie and how she fell in love with it, but a cousin of hers ruined it for her when she decided to cut her Barbie’s hair (probably the reason why she didn’t let me touch my Barbies’ hairstyles). 

She’s always has had this vision about life, about how you need to be an entrepreneur and create something the market needs. She has the same mentality as Steve Jobs, to create necessities for people they don’t even know they need. 

My mom was part of the biggest and most successful Oil company called: P.D.V.S.A. After being fired, with thousands of other workers, by Chavez–she decided, instead of applying for another similar job in foreign countries, to pursue her dream of having her own company. With years of sweat, blood, and tears she finally established herself along with my aunt as successful business owners. They’re the dynamic duo. My mom is a hardcore businesswoman that does not take ‘no’ for an answer.

My mom and aunt. 

My mom raised me throughout all of these years without complaining once and never failing to give me my necessities. 

After all of these being said, my mom has been an example of resilience and hard work. She has always taught me that I could be whomever I wanted to be, never mentioning my gender as an obstacle. I’ve seen through my eyes how relentless and hardcore she is, that she doesn’t let anyone stop her from achieving her goals. My mom has taught me that hard work, passion, and persistence can make you successful. 

My mom taught me feminism without even knowing. As a woman, I can be whomever I want without following gender roles. As a woman, I can do the exact same job as a man and even better. As a woman, I can do anything I set my mind to. As a woman, I am smart and capable as the next person is. 

She took a lot from my grandma, who made sure to give her four girls education even when relatives were saying “They’re women, why are you wasting money on their education?” my grandma fought for them to become professionals, and independent. 

Everything my mom is and has existed because she fought for it. 

I don’t think she has noticed how influential in my life she is. She takes it for granted how awesome she actually is.