I did a feature report. It came out great. Azucar Ice Cream Company

(Edda Leon/eddaleon.com)

If you didn’t know I’m a journalism student. For my Multimedia Production class, we had to do a feature report project.

Let me just say filming and editing takes a lot more time than you think. This type of project it’s not made for the procrastinators of the world. You need to time and you need to freaking plan ahead. At first, I didn’t and I almost failed the class.

Thankfully, we have a benevolent professor and he gave us (my partner and me) a second chance.

The following video got us an “A” in the class. I was so proud of it I was sharing it everywhere. Why wouldn’t I? it took a lot of work and stress. Azucar basically saved our asses.

The report it’s about a popular ice cream shop in Miami. Enjoy.