Stop hating on the Kardashians. Seriously, get over it. I’m going to play the Devil’s advocate here. I’m just fucking tired of people blaming all the problems in our culture on the Kardashians. If you don’t like them, don’t watch them, and most certainly don’t pay attention. 
I got inspired to do this post thanks to “No sé, Dime Tú” podcast with Maiah and Gabriel. They mentioned how there’s a deterioration of values in society, and I couldn’t agree more. If you are so sick of the message the Kardashians send to the world, then why are you making them idols? Why do you keep giving them more attention? The only way the Kardashians are going to disappear is when people are not obsessed with celebrity culture. 
Celebrities are held to a higher standard, and it’s not usually because of their work. It’s because they’re famous and rich. The Kardashians tick both of those boxes. People are obsessed with what celebrities portray and their lifestyle. And who better than the Kardashians to profit out of people’s obsession with celebrities? Lately, people hold celebrities more accountable than they do with politicians. Get your shit together. 
“They don’t do anything”. Well, they must be doing something because they’re probably billionaires by now. You don’t get richer by doing nothing, do you? Are they famous for being famous? Yes. Kim Kardashian profited and exploited a leaked sex tape. Personally, I find it smart. She could’ve lived a life as someone who once got her sex tape leaked, but she and her mom turned around and made an entire show about their lives. 
“They’re bad role modes for girls”. Ok, first of all, why are you calling them role models? And why does every celebrity need to instantly become a role model? You know who should be held to a higher standard? Politicians. People are more offended by whatever the fuck the Kardashians are doing than what politicians are saying. I’ve seen people get more offended and flustered by the Kardashians than Donald Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” and that says a lot. 
Celebrities shouldn’t be role models. You are responsible for teaching your kids good moral values, and if you don’t like how certain celebrities act, tell them. Teach your kids good values, what they should admire in a person, and what not. Most importantly, teach them not to crazily idolize celebrities, because celebrities are just regular people with the only difference they have to deal with the public scrutiny constantly. They aren’t allowed to make mistakes, as you and I do, because they’re constantly being watched. 
Stop comparing the Kardashians to every woman out there. Stop saying, “In a world full of Kardashians be a…” Dude, there’s nothing more sexist than that. You aren’t comparing men. I don’t see the outrage over male celebrities in the same amount I see it with the Kardashians. People certainly turned the other cheek with Chris Brown, they still listen to him like if nothing ever happened, like if he didn’t abuse Rihanna. Meanwhile, everybody is still talking about a 10-year-old sex tape. 
“They promote their bodies” yes, they do. What do you think beauty pageants ARE? It’s literally a COMPETITION of who’s the most beautiful woman in the UNIVERSE, a.k.a., who has the best BODY! FOR FUCKS SAKE, IF THAT DOESN’T OUTRAGE YOU, WHY ARE YOU MAD ABOUT THE KARDASHIANS? You can’t pick and choose. Be consistent. 
The Kardashians are no different than bloggers/influencers. Kim Kardashian is the biggest influencer there is, from fashion to makeup trends. She’s literally that: an influencer (and a businesswoman). If you think she doesn’t do anything, then influencers don’t do shit either. It’s called marketing and branding. The Kardashians revolutionized marketing. They, most likely, are pioneers in making yourself a brand. It’s 2018 and everyone is turning themselves into a brand. Everyone is thinking about making themselves more marketable. Not their craft, themselves. Being “yourself” in 2018 is a type of brand.



In conclusion, get over it and stop hating on the Kardashians. The Kardashians are a product of celebrity culture, not the creators of it. Learn the difference, and stop being offended by everything. Get offended and mad by things that matter: racism, police brutality, school shootings, women’s rights, neo-nazis, tyranny, and gLOBAL WARMING.


Get over it.