The Only [that I know of] Fitness Guru That Doesn't Body Shame

If you are from Venezuela or Latin American, you are more likely to be familiar with the fitness guru @SaschaFitness. If you are not, here’s a little quick background (from my perspective IM NOT WIKIPEDIA PEOPLE)

Sascha Barboza a.k.a. @SaschaFitness, became the Instagram sensation who transformed her post-pregnancy body to a muscle machine. This may not surprise you because we are sick and tired of celebrities covering People’s magazine showing their post-baby bod (6 pack abs) which seems ridiculous after having a baby; they don’t show you the struggle or the paycheck they got for that cover. 
The difference about these paid celebrities and Sascha is that she made a diary of her Instagram page showing her progress, her daily exercise routines and sharing fit recipes that you actually want to eat. 

In my opinion, she was the fitness pioneer in Venezuela. The wheel was already invented, but she opened loads of people’s eyes and made everybody crazy for natural peanut butter and oatmeal pancakes. She would show us how to make chocolate brownies but the healthy AND ACTUALLY TASTY WAY; Having a healthy lifestyle didn’t mean eating egg whites and almonds only. 

Her instagram became a source of recipes and excercise tips. After reaching a large audience, Sascha decides to launch a recipe book which became incredibly successful in my country. Even Sofia Vergara owns a copy. She recently has launched another booked called “Los Secretos de @SaschaFitness” (@SaschaFitness’s Secrets) which talks about everything fitness, motivational, how to bouild your own routine, explains the do’s and don’ts of vitamins, etc. I can’t wait to get my hands on the book! 

What makes @SaschaFitness so special? you might ask. 

How genuine she is. Sascha one of the few fitness instructors that doesn’t body shame people, even if you are slim trying to build muscle or overweight trying to lose fat. She talks about how your body should match your necessities, how it should respond to YOU and what YOU want. Adapting the fitness lifestyle to your life. Her perception of the “it body” is far from perfection, she constantly reminds us in her social media that this is no search for the “perfect body” because it doesn’t exist. The search is for the best version of yourself, so when you look in the mirror you smile at yourself. Reminiding us that it is unfair to us and others to be comparing ourselves to other people’s journeys when we should only be in competition with ourselves, to achieve a healthy lifestyle that will bring us the confidence and the energy our body and mind wants.

She’s made very clear that it’s unpolite to be body shaming people, everyone has their own journey and everyone starts when they need to. To stop pressuring people to be somebody they’re not. She’s her to guide us and motivate us. And made clear a fitness lifestyle doesn’t mean “All Or Nothing At All”, it means step by step you are making healthier changes into your life. It doesn’t mean you will lose all your progress by eating one cupcake (but don’t fool yourself by eating cupcakes every day). 

She says a fitness lifestyle can be anyone’s lifestyle, you don’t need to be a muscle head to be fit. That it should be inclusive to everybody and not just an excluding group of people who look at you funny at the gym because you don’t know how to do weights. 

She’s the only one who doesn’t make me feel intimidated by exercise and healthy eating when I don’t necessarily look like a woman from a Nike ad. 

Sascha slowly but surely is building herself a fitness empire. She already published two books, and has her own Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate out on Amazon. I’d dare to say it’s one of the best protein powders there is on the market quality wise. It won’t be too long until she has expands and has her own line of healthy products. 

Every time you do more than one cheat meal… 

Other things about Sascha… 

She is a FEMINIST!!! Meaning she believes in gender equality and also supports the LGBT community openly. She’s not afraid to be openly spoken about it (which I love) because so many people are afraid of the word and tend to believe feminism stands for men hating. 

If you are into beauty gurus as well… Sascha shares everything she buys on snapchat, and she’s so up to date with what’s good in the makeup world that she’s a lipstick away from becoming a beauty guru. You know they know about makeup when they buy the Luminous Silk Foundation from Giorgio Armani.

 The first I saw her with the Antigona bag by Givenchy and the Chanel… THE FEELS. 

Last but not least, she’s very reachable and down to earth. I never hesitate to ask her questions on twitter or instagram. Personally, I think it gets to a point where I think I’m annoying her. I just like her a lot. She once liked pictures from my instagram page and, thanks to my friends’ spam she congratulated me on my birthday on her snapchat. I kid you not, when I saw the videos and the likes I screamed a little. 

If you would like to check her out, her instagram page is @SaschaFitness and Snapchat: Sascha_Fitness. You’ll get a lot of health inspiration from her. There’s a “catch” all her content is in spanish… Hopefully someday she would venture into the english world (is that how you call it?).  

“You don’t have to focus just on what you see in the mirror, but in the person you want to be: the best version of yourself”